Blog Series Part 4: What Clinicians actually do in medical device companies?

What do we do as clinical advisors?

  • The problem you are trying to solve — details about a particular disease/process/service and the characteristics of patients/healthcare professionals involved. (I equate this to user research)
  • How is this problem currently solved — What is the gold standard you are trying to improve upon, what is good about it, what can be improved, where are the gaps.
  • The actual value of introducing your product — will it solve a problem, or just create additional effort for everyone involved?

What changes when you are a Clinical Product Manager?

  • Presentation/slide deck tools — Whether it’s Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google slides, presenting the results of your research is something you probably did during your studies or if you had any academic experience. However, the simplicity and clarity with which you deliver your findings can significantly help in internal discussions, so being savvy with creating (and delivering) such presentations is a significant benefit for you.
  • User journey/flow maps — Whenever I am thinking about the journey through which a patient or a clinician goes, I often want to draw stuff. But using a piece of paper might not be the best way of sharing your findings with a group. So, I use Miro, a (free!) digital whiteboard, on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, but other tools like Mural or Google’s Jamboard are also great for you to sketch things out and talk about them with your colleagues.
  • Documentation/Task tools — Although this might seem obsolete by now, properly managing your documentation and activities using collaborative tools such as Google Drive, Asana, Jira, Trello, or other tools is crucial. Painful at first, yes, but once you get accustomed, it enhances the work of everyone involved in building your product, especially when being a clinical product manager.



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