Dear Blake, thank you for writing this article — I think it points to the fundamental issues between engineers/designers, product managers, and ultimately senior management and overall strategy. There is indeed an argument for having a “Product Operations” department, especially in larger companies, but I wonder if you can also make the case that it can further complicate the decision-making process. When I read this article, I thought that product ops and managers can work together as one department/unit rather than separating it, or that product managers should just take on all of those tasks and responsibilities together with a data/product analyst and steer the development process as he/she should anyway.

You are absolutely right about the communication aspect, that is always a pain point regardless of company size. Again, thanks for sharing this with us, it was very valuable for me to read and reflect.


Clinician at Huma, PhD student of Public Health focusing on hospital-acquired infections in ICUs. Building medical devices.

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